Web Development

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Web development is the backbone of how you display your website, how you add content to it - manage it - measure it.

Never before today has developing web elements and websites has been easy and complicated at the same time. In a view, it has become simpler and we can see that with so many developer tools, frameworks and snippets of code and design a developer can just customize and use in a fraction of the time required to build those tools from scratch. On the other hand, the number of elements, complexity of architecture and all the little details seem to have blown out of proportion. In such a paradoxical world, constantly adapting to newer technologies, trends and protocol updates, web development tools have become essential for any web developer to get the best possible results.
The Virtual Infrastructure
Like our regular infrastructure, all web development tools need something, some basic ground to be built on. This digital infrastructure (in context only to web development) can be many things; some of the more prominent are listed and briefly explained below:
•  HTML: Perhaps everyone has heard about it. It is the origin of web development and since its inception; this language is now known as HTML 5 with many futuristic possibilities like responsive, adaptive and SVG. We have fully flexed our muscles to work upon this at advanced stage.
•  JavaScript: One of the first independent scripts used to customize the page behavior on the client’s side.  
•  XML: The Extensible Markup Language is used toady extensively but not exclusively for information exchange and interchange in online applications.
•  CSS: Cascading Style Sheets brought on a revolution in the world of web design with its simple, rich and fluid application in web page design and layout.
•  Web 2.0, 3.0: The prevalent and the new version of the World Wide Web are principles that define the nature on web as a whole and also consequently define all the elements included within, including the approach to web development.
•  Magical background: This is the actual heavy lifting that developers do. Everyone can code a website but only an engineer can program it. What it means - The magic stuff is usually what differentiates a web design from web development or Engineering. Web Engineering is all about engaging internally with the available resources (actually it is all about memory talking to hard drive and front end talking to database) on the system and beyond. We make use of languages like Python, PHP and Ruby to create the strong backbone.
The major advantages of using such emerging trends in web development by web developers like Cake N Keyboard, is the member of peer forums that provide great support and information exchange opportunities. This helps web developers to create websites that are more stunning, more engaging and highly innovative and also highly robust.

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