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User Experience is all about what pleases the eye

One of the most aesthetic and perhaps psychological approaches is that of color use in website designing. Even the smallest handheld screens today provided the clearest and sharpest resolution ratios, which has given way to an extremely visual website experience. Moreover, the time spent over the internet by an average urban citizen has increases significantly in this last decade, this point alone makes the visual and graphics web design an essential factor a web designer can cash in on.
Psychology of Color and Web
Colors have very strong and subtle hold on the human psyche. It is being used extensively in offline marketing in advertisements and other techniques. However, for websites, colors perform an even larger task of holding a visitor as long as possible and convert it into a potential client (in the case of a commercial website). There are colors that have been known to associate and invoke feelings and imply spirit of particular kind. This fact can be more narrowly resolved using specific colors and their impact on human feelings.
Warm Colors
Colors like red, orange, yellow and brown are typically considered warm. For websites, warm colors signify and convey the spirit of confidence, boldness and firm decisions.
•  Red, Black and Grey: Mellow and strong, this color scheme speaks revolution, leadership and a rock solid attitude.
•  Yellow, Chrome Yellow and Brown: All these colors used together, define the dirt, outdoors and a bright new day. A word of caution – use yellow strategically as it does not go easy on the eyes.
•  Orange, White and Black: Orange and its shades are very strong and influential colors and convey energy, action and a steady, powerful enthusiasm. White and black are used to balance the effects of orange, as they are equally powerful and neutral.
Cool Colors
Blue, purple and green are the quintessential cool colors, with aquamarine blue being the coldest. In light dull shades, these can have a very soothing and de-stressing effect – conventionally used in places with high level of activity with a chance of flaring tempers.
•  Purple, Green and Grey: Nothing says care and tradition like green and purple. Adding the grey just adds the lacking substance giving a calm and clear picture of the aim and intentions of the website.
•  Blue, Green and White: Blue is soothing to the eyes, green is comfortable and white is pure to the mind. Great colors for a professional or a marketplace website, allows visitors to linger longer and with more comfort. 
•  Baby Pink, Lavender and White: Pink is a cool color that is completely feminist. Lavender too has a classic appeal to humble richness, sure-shot crowd-pleasers in women’s, baby and other similar themes.
Team Cake N Keyboard does not only write code but also is aesthetically oriented to provide a well rounded service to their clients.

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